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Types of Meetings

You will find that Absolute embodies the ideals of professionalism, confidentiality, creativity, technical expertise and responsiveness.  Added to these core competencies are an outstanding reputation nation-wide, superb client satisfaction and a remarkable ability to partner with our clients.


Exhibitions & Trade Shows

Seminars and Workshops

Board Meetings and Retreats



Networking Events

Off-site Team Building

Holiday Receptions



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Creating a blueprint is where every employee of Absolute starts. How can one plan, without a plan? We create the critical paths, marketing plans, budgets and everything else in between. Each member of our team brings significantly different experiences and expertise to the table. We have the industry knowledge to make your dream be a reality.


Absolute offers a disciplined, thorough, experienced approach to event planning and project management that ensures every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed. Logistically, we can’t be beat!

Marketing, Communications and Social Media Management

Marketing Guru? That’s us! We’re able to handle all your associations marketing and communication needs. This includes creating a marketing plan and communication schedules, developing marketing strategies and execution, creating marketing materials, content and social media marketing. We’ve been using mass-marketing platforms for years now.

Website Creation and Maintenance

We have ample experience working on multiple platforms for website creation and maintenance. We’ll have your website up to date in no time. We manage website content and perform website and database transitions when needed.

Creative Team

Our Creative Team are the masterminds behind all marketing collateral, innovations and engagement. Our creativity knows no boundaries. We work closely with the creative team to dream up ideas that foster engagement, are attention-grabbing and will have your attendee tuned in for the whole ride.








Financial Management

We handle your budgets and accounts receivable/payable. We’ll keep you up to date with what’s going on, always. When working with suppliers we will negotiate for our clients to receive the best price and to keep on track with the budget. Numbers are our friends – and we’ll make them yours too!


You may call them sponsors – we like to call them partners. Partners are long fostered relationships and sponsors are contract deals. Need to secure partnership for your next virtual event? We have the expertise to secure new and previous partners! We strive to create long lasting relationships with partners, be creative with activations and deliver ROI. We strongly believe in the word yes.

Event Platform

We’ve trained on a multitude of systems, softwares and programs, giving you the ease of leaving it to the professionals. We do it all from sourcing the right system, marketing, preparation, partnership and execution. From beginning to end, Absolute is there to ensure success of the association in all aspects possible.

Exhibitor Management

​Have valued exhibitors who want to connect with your members? No worries! We do the research to get you the platform that meets the needs of your event.  We solicit, secure and maintain relationships with all exhibitors. From the solicitation process right down to execution our philosophy is simple; by being proactive we’re always putting ourselves and our clients ahead of the game.

Speaker Management

Call for Abstracts/Content? We build custom abstract submission sites tailored to your brand and your members. We manage all speakers from presenters to keynote speakers – we’ll handle all the logistical aspects for you.​ We’re here to help empower your speakers, to educate their listeners.








With virtual events on the rise, participants are secluded to their devices while they tune in. Engagement amongst attendees, partners and exhibitors has never been more challenging to achieve. Engagement is very important in keeping your listeners tuned in. We work with our in-house Creative Team to curate ways to keep everyone engaged. From competitions and wine tastings, to scavenger hunts we want to gamify it all. We want to give your attendees the education they’ve been missing and keep their attention spans buzzing throughout the event.

Cause all work and no play – makes for a dull virtual event!

Risk Management

We’re on top of it all. We have staff trained on all of our clients to step in at any moment’s notice should an issue arise. You will never be left in the dark. We take all necessary steps to ensure you are covered at any moment’s notice. Your associations success is always the priority.


The moment we've been planning for! We're always just as excited as you to unfold the masterpiece to your participants. We're in the background and on the forefront doing what we do best to​ensure success for your association. 

Evaluation & Wrap up

Every successful event has weaknesses and challenges. The evaluation and wrap up process is meant to reflect, identify, learn and evolve. Through surveys and feedback, Absolute guides your association through growing your event.

If there’s a will, there’s a way, and we’ve got the will!


We're not an all or nothing deal - want an a la carte service? Contact us!

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